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Seen, Heard and Valued
WAM celebrates 40 Years of the Standard Bank African Art Collection

Item date(s): 2021

Julia Charlton  - (edited with an introduction by)
Lesley Spiro Cohen  - (edited with an introduction by)
Leigh Leyde  - (joint editor)
Kutowano Mokgojwa  - (joint editor)
Anitra Nettleton  - (joint editor)
Fiona Rankin-Smith  - (joint editor)
Zeblon Vilakazi  - (foreword by)
Thulani Sibeko  - (foreword by)

Pages: 403pp
Size: 220mm
Language: English

Place publication: (Johannesburg, RSA)
Publisher: Wits Art Museum
ISBN: 978-1-990971-1-99-0

Ref: SA/2369


Forty years and what have we got to show for it? Reflections on the interwoven journeys of the Standard Bank African Art Collection and Wits Art Museum.
 Julia Charlton (essay by)

Four decades of supporting and preserving Africa's artistic heritage and building African connections
 Desiree Pooe (essay by)

Planting trees under whose shade one does not expect to sit
 Lesley Spiro Cohen (essay by)

My experience with the African Art Collection
 Nomasonto Tsotetsi (essay by)

Field trips and field notes: Visits to the Eastern Cape in the 1980s
 Sipho Ndabambi (essay by)

The Standard Bank African Art Collection: Notes from the first twelve years 1977-1989
 Michael W Zhang (essay by)

Diagnosing our differences: Assessing the political significance of the Standard Bank-Wits University support for African Art past, present and future
 John Stremlau (essay by)

As though it was yesterday . . .
 Jacob Lebeko (essay by)

Re-Collections: Forty years of exhibitions with the Standard Bank Art Collection
 Fiona Rankin-Smith (essay by)

Beadwork and Pedi figures: Canonising historical South African art in the exhibition African Tribal Sculpture
 Lynne Cooney (essay by)

Personal Reflection
 Mpho Monama (essay by)

Dust: Living with imperishability
 Hlonipa Mokoena (essay by)

An ongoing story: Transitions, innovations and evaluations of authenticity
 Dunja Hersak (essay by)

Desire or satire?: Ambivalence in West and Central African 'colon' figures
 Nomvuyo Horwitz (essay by)

Embedded narratives: The multilayered meanings of kente cloth
 Chris Richards (essay by)

Archaeologists and pottery: The purchase history of Pedi, Venda and Zulu pottery in the Standard Bank African Art Collection
 Thomas Huffman (essay by)

Zulu pottery and its production context
 Gavin Whitelaw (essay by)

Two beadwork encodings in Maphumulo: Contextual regional research revisited
 Juliette Leeb-du Toit (essay by)

tale of three aprons
 Vibeke Maria Viestad (essay by)
 Justine Wintjes (essay by)

Ndebele beadwork and the puberty ceremony
 Tetsuya Kamei (essay by)

Artist unrecorded': The problem of identifying a maker in African 'art' collections
 Anitra Nettleton (essay by)

Imaginative reconfigurations: Dis/continuities in the work of20th-century artists from rural KwaZulu-Natal
 Sandra Klopper (essay by)

The ' Democracy Tapestry'
 Brenda Schmahmann (essay by)

Handwoven treasures in the Standard Bank African Art Collection: Some reflections on time invested making
 Walter Oltmann (essay by)

Trading places: Jackson Hlungwani and the 'Altar of God': From mountain to museum
 Rayda Becker (essay by)

Materiality and meaning
 Alison Kearney (essay by)

The guests
 Vuyiswa Ngesman (essay by)

Open House
 Alexander Opper (essay by)

Connecting over art: Utilising art collections in programmes to promote connection, engagement and learning
 Kamal Naran (essay by)

An hour is just enough
 Bronwen Findlay (essay by)

African fractals and 'A Vocabulary for Vernacular Algorithms'
 Tegan Bristow (essay by)

Premonition technology divination
 Sarah Nuttall (essay by)

Exhibiting knowledge: Identity, power, and aesthetic experience in Africa's arts
 Christine Mullen Kreamer (essay by)

Art in the age of icons: The search for iconic works in the Standard Bank African Art Collection
 Barbara Freemantle (essay by)

Object biographies: Three books and three exhibitions
 Joni Brenner (essay by)

Stimulating critical thinking
 Kathryn Wheeler (essay by)

Moving images, moving perceptions: An interrogation of the use of film as a productive art history tool
 Melissa Parry (essay by)

fork in the road? Re-thinking educational engagement with the Standard Bank African Art Collection
 Leigh Leyde (essay by)

WAM as a classroom: The educational value of the Standard Bank African Art Collection
 Elona Shaff (essay by)
 Pam Kaplan (essay by)

Teaching gender and design in collaboration with WAM
 Deirdre Pretorius (essay by)

Performing the museum: Reflections on the archive as a teaching resource for theatre and performance
 Jessica Philile Mawuiena Foli (essay by)

Shaping the future/reshaping the past
 Nessa Liebhammer (essay by)

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