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The South African Mirror

Item date(s): 2007

Emma Bedford  - (consultant)
Khwezi Gule  - (consultant)
Clive Kellner  - (consultant)
Marilyn Martin  - (consultant)
Edgar Pieterse  - (consultant)
Emilia Potenza  - (consultant)
Ciraj Rassool  - (consultant)

Pages: 205pp
Size: 238mm
Language: English

Sub-type: Exhibition catalogue

Place publication: Barcelona, Spain
Publisher: Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona
ISBN: 978-84-96954-03-8

Additional notes:
Exhibition at the CCCB from 26/09/2007 - 13/01/2008

Additional Material:

Six photographic promotional cards for the exhibition:

3 in Catalan - El Mirall Sud-Africa.

2 in English - The South African Mirror.

1 in Spanish - El Espejo Sudafricano.

Ref: SA/2372


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