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Ex Libris Collection

Item date(s): n.d.

Iris Ampenberger  - (ex libris artist)
Bruce Arnott  - (ex libris artist)
Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (ex libris artist)
Ellaphie Baxter  - (ex libris artist)
Nina Campbell-Quine  - (ex libris artist)
Willem Hermanus Coetzer  - (ex libris artist)
Nerine Desmond  - (ex libris artist)
Elanor Esmond-White  - (ex libris artist)
Hannes Harrs  - (ex libris artist)
Cecil Higgs  - (ex libris artist)
Philippa Hobbs  - (ex libris artist)
Rockwell Kent  - (ex libris artist)
William Kentridge  - (ex libris artist)
Phyllis Konya  - (ex libris artist)
Freida Lock  - (ex libris artist)
Erich Mayer  - (ex libris artist)
Johannes Meintjes  - (ex libris artist)
Ivan Mitford-Barberton  - (ex libris artist)
Désirée Picton-Seymour  - (ex libris artist)
Jacob Hendrik Pierneef  - (ex libris artist)
Irma Stern  - (ex libris artist)
Ernest Ullmann  - (ex libris artist)
Feliks Topolski  - (ex libris artist)
Joachim Voigts  - (ex libris artist)
Pieter Wenning  - (ex libris artist)
Leo Wyatt  - (ex libris artist)
Florence Zerffi  - (ex libris artist)

Pages: various
Size: various
Collation: See details in notes below.

Sub-type: Ex Libris
Theme(s): Bookplate

Place publication: Various
Publisher: Various

Additional notes:
Collection of Ex Libris labels or Bookplates, some of famous bibliophiles (book collectors) and others of well-known artists - and some of both. Numbering about 650 items, some accompanied by letters. Those published in the Bishop Index are shown as such with their page reference.

[South African Bookplates from the Percival Collection. Published by A. A. Balkema in 1955. SA/0353 and GB/16020]

In addition there are over 200 bookplates of South African institutions.

Some of the artists and collectors are shown here and, in some cases, both the artist and collector have more than one bookplate.

The full collection may be viewed by appointment.

See also the Excel spreadsheet giving far more details.

Plastic packets and brown and blue files containing the international collection are uncatalogued at the moment. Funding needed.

Reference note:
Arch-lever files (South African):

1. Ex Libris collection housed in 4 orange files.

2. Institutes, Universities and Clubs.

3. Letters and Correspondence.

Plastic packets in brown and blue files:

1. Mixed.

2. Mixed.

3. Jewish bookplates and literature.

1. Envelope: Bookplates of John Buckland Wright. A. Reid's Personal Collection. (Joshua Heller)

Exhibition notes:
Hendrik Pierneef Ex Libris sold at Strauss & Co auction 7/11/2021 for R9500.00. Check to see whether it is the same as ours.

Ref: GB/30143

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