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David Warner Ellis
Photographer LONDON

Item date(s): n.d.

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (featured artist)
David Warner Ellis  - (photographs by)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 265mm
Binding: In brown envelope with title
Technique: Photography
Language: English

Place publication: London
Publisher: The photographer

Additional notes:
Two contact sheets with 36 (numbered 2-37) on A and 35 on B (numbered 3-37).

Three small copies of B1, B21 and A23 and nine large copies of A13, A18, A22, A25, A32, A34, B6, B13 and B30.

The photographs for which there are no enlargements are interesting include B15-35 of Battis nude. B20 is the image used for AlphaBatt, his famous watercolour, and B21 very similar. Many of the photographs show his black felt hat in the collection.

Including a letter from Ellis dated Thur 17 July:

Dear Walter

Im sorry I was unable to contact you last night but I was delayed until quite late. I hope you have a nice holiday and that we can meet again before your return to South Africa.


On the back of the envelope, Battiss has written: Be a King or Queen like Ferd the Third.

Ref: GB/30195

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