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Fookabulary (incomplete)
Fook - English

Item date(s): 27/5/78

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (featured artist)
Wibiti  - (text by)

Pages: 5pp
Size: 296mm
Language: English; Fook
Inscription: See note
Edition: Unique

Place publication: Pretoria, RSA
Publisher: The artist

Additional notes:
A listing from A - Z of FOOK words.

Accompanied by a letter:

Herewith, the first half of the Fookabulary.

If I finish the other half I'll bring it round at about 1.45 tomorrow afternoon. [flourish].

I miss you, then let me say now Bon Fookage!

Ciao, (Wibiti) Walin 5 (or S) [indistinct]

[On page 84 of Walter Battiss, Gentle Anarchist, there is a list of Publications by Walter Battiss. One of those listed is "Fook Nook 5. No date. Published by Walter Battiss". I believe this is a mis-interpretation of "Fook Nooks" as only two issues were published - 1 & 2. This reflects the same 'confusion' of Battiss sometimes whimsically signing his name "Batt155" for "Battiss".] Is this relevant?

Ref: GB/30204

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