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The Battiss Family including The Hartley Family

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982)
Henry Hartley
Doreen L. Eaton

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Additional notes:
This collection of papers on Walter Battiss's family including William Hartley and family (as it relates to Walter Battiss) needs further investigation and documentation here.

See: Henry Hartley's Elephants CMD 1839, a watercolour inscribed: I am a descendant of Henry Hartley who shot 1200 elephants (which is much less than they seasonally cull in Africa).

1. The Battiss Story by Doreen L. Eaton (Battiss). August 1970. 7pp.

2. William Hartley - Bathurst. Mary Ann Hartley. Ann Hartley. Thomas Hartley Junior. Hannah Hartley. Elizabeth Hartley. Sarah Hartley. Jeremiah Hartley. Henry Hartley.

3. The Hartley Family (From "British South Africa", by Colin Turing Campbell, 1897).

4. Pre-Departure Rumblings - 1820.Two facsimile letters written by Thomas Hartley.

5. Precis of letters between the various parties concerned with the claim by the Estate of the late James Temlett, Grahamstown in the estate of Henry Hartley, farmer & Big game hunter, "Thorndale", Magaliesburg, Transvaaal. His sons, Frederick & Thomas Hartley his Executors.

6. The Settlers. Weekend Post Souvenir Supplement, 12/9/1970 with articles on Hartley.

7. Newspaper clippings on elephants researching his painting of Henry Hartley's elephants (CMD 1839)

Ref: GB/30233

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