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Autograph Album

Item date(s): 1905-1907

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982)
Grace Anderson  - (mother of)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 134 x 180mm

Place publication: not stated
Publisher: Various

Additional notes:
A small black oblong book with "Album" in gold on the cover.

An early twentieth century collection of ephemera, autographs, quotations, sayings and drawings (some onto the pages of the album and some inserted) by friends and authors in what used to be called an autograph book.

The first page is a quotation from Tennyson by Mary Anderson dated 31/11/07. Mary Anderson was Grace Anderson's mother and this is probably her book. Grace Anderson was Walter Battiss's wife.

Another page reads: Autograph books are a nuisance I Know, And in them I hate to indite, But since you have asked me to do what I can. My name at the end I will write. [but there is no signature!]

Ref: GB/30260

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