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Khabar Al-Lamu
A Chronicle of Lamu

Item date(s): n.d.

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (copied by)
Shalbu Faraji Bin Hamet Al-Bakariy Al-Lumy  - (text by)

Pages: 4pp
Size: 278mm
Binding: Loose pages
Language: English
Edition: Unique

Place publication: not stated
Publisher: The artist

Additional notes:
This is an extract by the text by Shalbu Faraji Bin Hamet Al-Bakariy Al-Lumy transliterated & translated from the Swahili Script and annoted (sic) by William Hichens. Bantu Studies Vol XII. No 1, March 1938.

Battiss has copied this text in his beautiful cursive handwriting and decorated each page with designs.

Ref: GB/30281

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