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Materialia Lumina
Contemporary Artists' Boks from the CODEX International Book Fair

Item date(s): 2022

John A. Buchtel  - (introduction by)
Paul van Capelleveen  - (introduction by)
Susan Filter  - (introduction by)
Peter Rutledge Koch  - (introduction by)
Roberto G. Trujillo  - (introduction by)

Pages: 391pp
Size: 315mm
Language: English

Place publication: Berkeley, CA
Publisher: The Codex Foundation
ISBN: 978-0-911221-65-7

Additional notes:
Published with the Stanford Libraries on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name. Green Library through April 2022 and at the Boston Athenaeum, Fall 2022.

Exhibition notes:

Ref: 3854


Essays by
 D. Vanessa Kam (essay by)
 Betty Bright (essay by)
 Paul van Capelleveen (essay by)
 Gerald W. Cloud (essay by)
 Mark Dimunation (essay by)
 Crispen Elsted (essay by)
 Martin Antonetti (essay by)
 Viola Hildbrand-Schat (essay by)
 Stefan Soltek (essay by)
 Sandra Kroupa (essay by)
 Marie Minssieux-Chamonard (essay by)
 Susanne Padberg (essay by)
 David Paton (essay by)
 Marcia Reed (essay by)
 Ruth R. Rogers (essay by)
 Jan Elsted (essay by)

Featured Artists
 Ines von Ketelhodt (featured artist)
 Sian Bowen (featured artist)
 Tatjana Bergelt (featured artist)
 Barbara Tetenbaum (featured artist)
 Robin Price (featured artist)
 Sue Anderson (featured artist)
 Veronika Schäpers (featured artist)
 Tim Mosely (featured artist)
 Ellen Knudson (featured artist)
 Peter Malutzki (featured artist)
 Clemens-Tobias Lange (featured artist)
 Michele Burgess (featured artist)
 Bill Kelly (featured artist)
 Patricia Lagarde (featured artist)
 Leilei Guo (featured artist)
 Gwen Harrison (featured artist)
 La Zone Opaque (featured artist)
 Kyoko Matsunga (featured artist)
 Katie Baldwin (featured artist)
 Denise Bookwalter (featured artist)
 Sarah Bryant (featured artist)
 Macy Chadwick (featured artist)
 Inge Bruggeman (featured artist)
 Sam Winston (featured artist)
 Robbin Ami Silverberg (featured artist)
 Sarah Horowitz (featured artist)
 Rick Myers (featured artist)
 Karen Bleitz (featured artist)
 Sarah Langworthy (featured artist)
 Russell Maret (featured artist)
 Didier Mutel (featured artist)
 Tricia Treacy (featured artist)
 Claire Van Vliet (featured artist)
 Victoria Bean (featured artist)
 François Righi (featured artist)
 Richard Wagener (featured artist)
 Peter Rutledge Koch (featured artist)
 Francoise Despalles (featured artist)
 Suzanne Moore (featured artist)
 Burgi Kühnemann (featured artist)
 Crispen Elsted (featured artist)
 Sandra Liddell Reese (featured artist)
 Jan Elsted (featured artist)
 Pierre Walusinski (featured artist)
 Thomas Ingmire (featured artist)
 Carolee Campbell (featured artist)
 Julie Chen (featured artist)
 Johannes Strugalla (featured artist)
 Gaylord Schanilec (featured artist)
 Wolfgang Buchta (featured artist)
 Denise Lapointe (featured artist)
 Kenneth Shure (featured artist)
 Liv Rockefeller (featured artist)
 Romano Hänni (featured artist)
 Abigail Rorer (featured artist)
 Peggy Gotthold (featured artist)
 Harry Reese (featured artist)
 Ken Botnick (featured artist)
 Felicia Rice (featured artist)
 David Esslemont (featured artist)
 Mikhail Karasik (featured artist)
 Till Verclas (featured artist)
 Leonard Seastone (featured artist)
 Lawrence G van Velzer (featured artist)

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