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The Bushman Tribes of Southern Africa

Item date(s): 1942

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (letter to)
A. M. Duggan-Cronin  - (photographs by)
D. F. Bleek  - (introduction by)

Pages: 14pp + XL plates
Size: 259mm
Language: English

Sub-type: Photo book

Place publication: Kimberley
Publisher: The Alexander McGregor Memorial Museum

Additional notes:
See: Notes in Management.

The book is heavily annotated with this comment on the front free endpaper: "If one makes a careful study of these faces it dawns on one what remarkable likenesses there are in the abbreviated symbols used by the rock painters!" This is followed by sketches of the faces.

Secured with a grommet to page 7 is a 3pp (on two pages) letter to Battiss dated 24/8/1945 from D. F. Bleek who wrote the introduction.

A beautiful early photo book.

Ref: GB/30360

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