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'' We all lived here"

Item date(s): 1977

George and Dorothy Randell  - (author)
Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (featured artist)

Pages: 73pp
Size: 262mm
Language: English
Inscription: For Walter Battiss with our thanks and best wishes George and Dimminie Randell

Place publication: Queenstown, RSA
Publisher: Published by the Authors

Additional notes:
Battiss contributed a reminiscence on p62.

Illustrations of Walter, Grace and Giles.

We think Walter is a great fellow. never having spoken to him before, he startled us one day when we were sitting quietly having teas, by walking straight in, looking down at us, and announcing "I've come to see if my son Giles' name is still on the cement steps I Made." It was and is, and we enjoyed making him stay for tea.

Ref: GB/30362

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