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Walter and Grace Battiss Family Papers
Including siblings and ancestors

Item date(s): Various

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982)
Grace Anderson

Pages: various
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Additional notes:
1. W W Battiss. SA Citizen identity card. 356-319553W. Union of South Africa. 1-9-55.

2. G Battiss. SA Citizen identity card. 356-319554W. Union of South Africa. 1-9-55.

3. Walter Whall Battiss. Birth Certificate.

4. Walter Whall Battiss. Certificate of Baptism. Somerset East. February 25th 1906. Parents: Walter Battiss and Louise Sara Battiss.

5. Louise Sara Price. [Mother of Walter]. Baptism certificate. 1882. Extract 5-2-24. Parents: Alfred Thomas Price and Mary Ann Price.

6. Louise Sara Price. [Mother of Walter.] Birth certificate. 4-11-1878.

7. Alfred Thomas Price. Death Certificate. 15-6-1893. [Father of Louise Sara Price]

8. Harry Mitchell Anderson and Julia Ada Knight. Marriage Certificate. 28-11-1881. [Father and Mother of Grace].

9. Thomas Hartley and Hannah Hopkins. Marriage Certificate. 31-12-1795. [Added by Walter Battiss "Parents of Sara Hartley who married John Battiss in Bathurst, 1828"]

10. William Hartley. Baptism Certificate. 6-11-1796. [Son of Thomas Hartley and Hannah Hopkins]

11. Thomas Hartley. Baptism Certificate. 26-4-1772. [Son of William and Hannah Hartley]. Added by Walter Battiss: 1820 British Settler. Father of Sara Battiss, Bathurst, E.P.

12. Alfred Robinson. Death Certificate. 21-6-1899. [A Draper's Assistant].

Ref: GB/30379

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