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Pocket Drawings 187 - 241
William Kentridge:

Item date(s): 2015

William Kentridge
Mark Attwood  - (printed by)

Pages: single folding page
Size: 800 x 973mm. Box = 174mm
Binding: Box by Jana Pepin, White River
Inscription: Signed by the artist.

Type: Map book

Place publication: White River, RSA
Publisher: The Artists' Press

Additional notes:
Pocket Drawings is made up of forty-five panels of drawings by William Kentridge. The drawings were printed onto scanned book pages from Baedeker's L'Italie des Alpes a Naples, 1926 and were then pasted onto a cotton backing so that the panels fold up into a small document that is placed in a handmade and hand printed box. It was produced in an edition of 25 plus proofs in 2015.

The colophon, on a separate page at the bottom of the box, states that there are 63 panels (rather than the actual 45) and when I asked Mark Attwood, the printer, he said "mathematics is not usually an attribute of artists." jmg

Ref: GB/30563

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