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Oyster Boat
Volume 2

Item date(s): 2019 - 2022

Christopher Kardambikis  - (featured artist)
Frankie Flood  - (featured artist)
Diamond Forde  - (featured artist)
Beth Sheehan  - (featured artist)
Tracey M. Atsitty  - (featured artist)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 195mm
Binding: 4 volumes in slipcase
Language: English
Edition: #11/90, #11/60, #11/78, #11/70

Place publication: Tallahassee, FL
Publisher: Small Craft Advisory Press, Facility for Arts Research, Florida State University

Additional notes:
Oyster Boat fishes for the leftovers, deletions, false starts, or byproducts of making—the waiting spat. Bringing the peripheral to center focus, it harvests from the drafts and trimmings of contemporary artists, writers, and thinkers.

Volume 2

Issue 1 Christopher Kardambikis

Issue 2 Frankie Flood. Operator's Manual.

Issue 3 Diamond Forde. Ode to Anxiety & Beth Sheehan

Issue 4 Tracey M. Atsitty. Binaa Uee Aghani -The Monsters That Kill with Their Eyes.

Ref: GB/30445

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