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FOOK letters from Jenny Christie

Item date(s): 1981

Jenny Christie  - (letters from)
Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (featured artist)

Pages: various
Size: various
Binding: unbound
Technique: Cursive script
Language: English; Fook

Place publication: USA (not stated)
Publisher: The author

Additional notes:
1. Undated 355mm. Single folded sheet with watercolour illustrations on the back and front. Text recto of inside fold.

2. 1981.03.18. 420mm. Two sheets (the first on both sides) with watercolour illustrations and text on each page.

3. 1981.06.22. 420mm. Single sheet with FOOK Totem prints and text.

4. no date. 420mm. Single sheet with coloured ink drawings of Battiss and Fookean bird.

5. 1981.12.28. 355mm. Single sheet with unillustrated letter in red cursive.

Ref: GB/31501

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