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E-POS "Persoonlijke Vocabulaire" / E-POS "Personal Vocabulary"

Item date(s): 2004

Malcolm Christian  - (project leader)
Veerle Rooms  - (project leader)
Garth Erasmus  - (artist)
Fikele Skosana  - (artist)
Malou Swinnen  - (artist)
Linda Vinck  - (artist)
Vonani Bila  - (poems by)
Mavis Smallberg  - (poems by)
Suzanne Binnemans  - (writer)
Frans Boenders  - (writer)
Gabisile Nkosi  - (assisted by)
Ivan Durt  - (assisted by)
Hans van Dijck  - (assisted by)
Zhane' Warren  - (assisted by)

Size: 540 x 375 x 36mm
Collation: 5 card folders and a pamphlet
Language: Flemish & English
Edition: # 19/35

Sub-type: Portfolio
Theme(s): Personal vocabulary

Place publication: Berchem, Antwerp, Flemish Region of Belgium
Publisher: Studio-Artist-Printmaker b.v.b.a. Cogels Osylei, Berchem

Reference note:
Maroon folder with Red string ties containing 5 card folders and a copy of the e-pos gazette dated November 2003 - September 2004. On the inside flap of the maroon folder is stated: "Realized by order of the Ministry of the Flemish Community, Department of Visual Arts and Musea.

This creation was developed in 2003-2004 in the Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee (B) & Kwazulu Natal (SA).

E-POS includes a bibliophile 'Portfolio" for which the four visual artists each fill in one part, in cooperation with the writers. The fifth part is the collection of the writers' personal impressions.


e-pos gazette - 12-page B&W and colour publication numbered 19/35 containing information on the project and its participants.

Card folder #1 (tan): Garth Erasmus - Arc of Testimony & 9 prints plus 1 page titled 'Garth's novene'.

Card folder #2 (yellow): Fikele Skosana - 'Choking Buildings' & 'Pins Against AIDS' & Gazette page.

Card folder #3 (black): Malou Swinnen [& Vonani Bila] - 2 B&W photographs & 2 responding poems titled: 'Malou Swinnen’s Womanly Faces & Images' by Bila & Gazette page.

Card folder #4 (light olive-green): Linda Vinck - Printed translucent wrap-around cover page containing 'To the Power of the Ongoing Patterns of Transformation in South Africa – Part One' consisting of 3 prints titled:

- The Pulse of New Sound (Times Between I)

- Trance Formation (Times Between II)

- Changing Rhythms (Times Between III)

& Gazette page.

Card folder #5 (light grey-blue): Suzanne Binnemans, Vonani Bila, Frans Boenders & Mavis Smallberg - 5 Gazette pages & 3 prints (MS, Garth Erasmus & SB with VB) & a page of 4 texts by FB.

Exhibition notes:
Masabelaneni: The Book Arts Archive of The Caversham Press and Centre for Artists and Writers, JGCBA, Johannesburg. 5 September – 14 December 2023.

Keywords: Caversham Centre for Artists and Writers; Frans Masereel Centrum

Ref: GB/30760

E-POS Portfolio

Garth Erasmus

Garth Erasmus

Garth Erasmus

Fikele Skosana

Malou Swinnen (images) & Vonani Bila (text)

Mavis Smallberg (r) & Frans Boenders (l)

Linda Vinck

Suzanne Binnemans & Vonani Bila (l) & Garth Erasmus (image r) & Mavis Smallberg (text r)

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