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Mark Attwood letter to Walter Battiss

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982) - (letter to)
Mark Attwood  - (letter from)

Medium: Photocopy
Pages: Single sheet
Size: 296mm
Technique: Cursive script
Language: English
Inscription: Signed by the author
Edition: Unique

Sub-type: Letter

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: The author

Additional notes:
4 Homestead Road, Oriel, Bedfordview

Dear Mr Battiss

My dad told me that you wanted to know the sise (sic - see PS below) of my balloon scrap book. So here with this letter I have sent you a page. We had great fun ballooning at the drakensburg, but on Sunday we landed by a puff adder. We were going to kill it, but then someone suggested that we freeze it with liquid gas, we tried but the gas wasn't cold enough, although it made it curl up into a ball. We decided that it would be too sluggish to bite us so we flicked it away with a stick.

How is it going with the painting business? Your exhibition was really something although I didn't understand the bit about the "Jaberwockee" as the "Jabergookee".

Yours faithfull

Mark Attwood

P. S. Don't blame me for any spelling mistakes, It's my pen that does'nt write properly.

Ref: GB/31509

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