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Lawrence Weiner: As Far as the Eye Can See
1960 -2007

Item date(s): 2007

Lawrence Weiner  - (title)
Ann Goldstein  - (edited by)
Donna De Salvo  - (edited by)
Jeremy Strick  - (foreword by)
Adam D. Weinberg  - (foreword by)

Pages: 411pp
Size: 260mm

Sub-type: Exhibition catalogue

Place publication: New Haven, CT and London
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 978-0-300-12695-2
Exhibition 2019-1

Additional notes:
The Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles. The Geffeb Contemporary at MOCA. 13/4/08-14/7/08.

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. 15/1/07-10/2/08.

K21 Kunsstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfaln, Dusseldorf. 20/9/08-4/1/09.

A chapter on his artist's books and many references.

Exhibition notes:
;Samplings: International Artists' Books and Archive on the Book Arts


26 March to 6 July 2019

Ref: 2393


As Far as the Eye Can See
 Donna De Salvo (essay by)

If it Looks Like a Duck and it Walks Like a Duck, it is Probably a Duck
 Ann Goldstein

The Metaphor {Problem, Again and Again: Books and Other Things by Lawrence Weiner
 Dieter Schwarz (essay by)
 Lawrence Weiner (title)

Lawrence Weiner: Material Language, Tic-Tac-Toe
 Gregor Stemmrich (essay by)
 Lawrence Weiner (title)

The Objectification of Desire in the Work of Lawrence Weiner
 Liam Gillick (essay by)
 Lawrence Weiner (title)

Ships at Sea
 Edward Leffingwell (essay by)

Sympathy for Lawrence Weiner (One Plus One)
 Kathryn Chiong (essay by)
 Lawrence Weiner (title)

Black Matters (Each Being Equal + Consistent)
 Alice Zimmerman (essay by)

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