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The Newsstand
Indepently Published Zines, Magazines & Artist Books

Item date(s): 2016

Lele Saveri  - (introduction by)
Ken Miller
Philip Aarons  - (foreword by)

Pages: 349pp
Size: 240mm

Place publication: New York
Publisher: Skira / Rizzoli
ISBN: 978-0-8478-4755-6

Additional notes:
282 Zines illustrated.

Ref: 3172


On the Community and Politics of Self-publishing
 A. A. Bronson (essay by)

On Zine History
 Johan Kugelberg (essay by)
   Johan Kugelberg is from Boo-Hooray

In Conversation with Lele Saveri
 Lele Saveri (interview with)
 Aaron Comebus (interview by)

On 'Incorrect' Art
 Cheryl Dunn (essay by)

On Zines and Youth Culture
 Barry McGee (essay by)

On Why They Make Zines
 Tom Sachs (essay by)
 Pat McCarthy (essay by)

On the Personal Importance of Zines
 Maggie Lee (essay by)

On Collaboration
 Nick Atkins (essay by)
 Weirdo Dave (essay by)

On Seeing Photographs
 Daniel Arnold (essay by)

On Artists as Publishers
 Tauba Auerbach (essay by)

On Preforming at the Newspapers
 India Salvor Menuez (essay by)

On Connecting Through Art
 Maia Ruth Lee (essay by)
 Peter Sutherland (essay by)

On Zines as Physical Objects
 Paul Wau Publications (essay by)

In Conversation with Adam Rossiter
 Wiki of Ratking (interview with)
 Adam Rossiter (interview by)

On Working at the Newsstand
 Nathaniel Matthews (essay by)
 Nick Sethi (essay by)
 Priscilla Jeong (essay by)

on Behalf of Alldayeveryday
 Jamie Falkowski (essay by)
 Kevin Kearney (essay by)

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