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Emandulo Re-Creation

Item date(s): 1997

Kim Berman  - (book artist)
Robbin Ami Silverberg  - (book artist)
William Kentridge  - (featured artist)
Pepe Abela  - (featured artist)
Deborah Bell  - (featured artist)
András Böröcz  - (featured artist)
Keith Dietrich  - (featured artist)
Gordon Gabashane  - (featured artist)
Carol Hofmeyr  - (featured artist)
Basil Jones  - (featured artist)
David Nthubu Koloane  - (featured artist)
Atta Kwami  - (featured artist)
Moleleki Frank Ledimo  - (featured artist)
Simon Mthinkhulu  - (featured artist)
Sam Nhlengethwa  - (featured artist)
John Roome  - (featured artist)
Ruth Sack  - (featured artist)
Helen Mmakgabo Mmapula Sebidi  - (featured artist)
Simon Stone  - (featured artist)
Grace Tshikhuve  - (featured artist)
Diane Victor  - (featured artist)
Nhlanhla Xaba  - (featured artist)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 315mm, oblong
Inscription: Signed by both artists.
Edition: #11/30

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA and New York
Publisher: Artist Proof Studio and Dobbin Books
Exhibition 2017; 2019

Additional notes:
Bound by Robin Ami Silverberg. 'Exquisite Corpse' format with each image usually cut into three parts: head, torso, legs, but in this case into six parts with an additional vertical cut down the centre.

Colophon: 'An artist book collaboration organised by Robbin Ami Silverberg and Kim Berman at Artist Proof Studio, in March 1997. Twenty two artists came together for one intensive meeting to produce a book that expressed their personal visions of the creation myth. Collaborating printers: The Artists' Press - Mark Attwood. Cover - a linocut by Rebecca Magill.'

See also the separate Emandulo print by William Kentridge in a separate edition of 35 copies.

Participating artists are individually listed below.


Exhibition notes:
Exhibited at Booknesses: Investigating the Body. Emandulo, Chris Diedericks and Charles Hobson.

Gallery of the SARChI Research Chair in South African Art and Visual Culture, University of Johannesburg

23 to 30 March 2017

Samplings: South African Artists' Books

Basement Gallery, WAM

26 March to 6 July 2019

Ref: GB/00525

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