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(Deck of Cards)

Item date(s): 1998-1999

Veerle Rooms  - (designed by)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 97mm

Type: Accordion fold

Place publication: Kasterlee, Belgium
Publisher: The Flemish Centre for Graphics

Additional notes:
Colophon: "Cooperation Project between Flanders and South Africa. This set of playing cards, reproductions of original graphic prints made by Flemish and South African Artists, is the result of the cooperation between the Flemish Centre for Graphics "Frans Masereel" from Kasterlee, the Artist Proof Studio from Johannesburg, and the Hard Ground Printmakers from Capetown."

Two complete packs of playing cards in clear plastic container. One pack of these has bibliographic details of each artist on the back of each card and the other pack has the same image on the back of each card.

In addition, there is a special edition where the cards have been pasted onto four black accordion folded booklets, all of which are housed in a perspex container. Contained in a black drop-back box by Peter Carstens with antique marbling.

Clubs and Diamonds contain images from Flanders.

Hearts contain images from the Artist Proof Studio from Johannesburg.

Spades contain images from the Hard Ground Printmakers from Capetown.

The South African artists (Hearts and Spades) are indexed hereunder.

See also: Print Exchange Portfolio (GB/10886) for the print portfolio from which this was taken.

Exhibition notes:
Samplings: South African Artists' Books

Basement Gallery, WAM

26 March to 6 July 2019

Ref: GB/05420


Ace of Hearts (Instrument Muso)
 Nhlanhla Xaba

Two of Hearts (Rhythm movement)
 Grace Tshikhuve

Three of Hearts (3 hearts (broken))
 Mandy Conidaris

The Four of Hearts (or the Cradock four)
 Kim Berman

Five of Hearts (The soul's settlement)
 Sheila Flynn

Six of Hearts (Ancestors)
 Jacob Molefe

Seven of Hearts (All sett. . .)
 Magda van Staden

Eight of Hearts (Amnion)
 Paul Emmanuel

Nine of Hearts (Untitled)
 Jacob Motsoane

Ten of Hearts (Untitled)
 Flora More

The Jack of Hearts
 Carol Hofmeyr

Queen of Hearts (Judith (loves) Holofernes)
 Diane Victor

King of Hearts (King of Sotho (Moreno Basotho))
 Osiah Masekoameng

Ace of Spades
 Lien Botha

Two of Spades
 Pieter van der Westhuizen

Three of Spades
 Robert Siwangaza

Four of Spades
 Pieter Roux

Five of Spades
 Margaret Poynton

Six of Spades
 Michele d'Argent

Seven of Spades
 Lyn Smuts

Eight of Spades (Lucky Diver)
 Billy Mandindi

Nine of Spades
 Preston Bessenger

Ten of Spades (Pere Fontein)
 Sophie Peters

Jack of Spades (One eye'd Jack)
 David Yule

Queen of Spades (Die MOER van SkoppensBOER)
 Titia Ballot

King of Spades
 Jonathan Comerford

Joker (Playing till your heart's content)
 John Moore

 Judy Woodborne

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