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Fook Nooks (1)
This is a work of art, not a newspaper

Item date(s): n.d. (before 1978)

Walter Whall Battiss  (1906-1982)
Norman Catherine
Manie (aka Hoobie) Eager
Wokkel (see note)

Pages: (8pp)
Size: 295mm
Language: English; Fook
Edition: #97/100

Place publication: Pretoria
Publisher: Fook Madgic Press
Previous reference GB/09728
Battiss bibliography 23

Additional notes:
This is a work of art, not a newspaper. 8 page, staple-bound pamphlet. One copy signed by Battiss, Catherine, Hooby, Aldos and Wokkel and numbered 97/100. Other copy not signed or dated.

Including "Close Encounters of the Ferd Kind", The Fook Alphabet etc.

Colophon on page 4: "this work of art was produced by the madgic press, which consists of Walter Battiss, Norman Catherine, Wokkel, Hoobie and Aldos. it was printed by Advance Printing Co Pty Ltd, 1 Central Rd., Fordsburg, Jhb.

corresponcence, articles, drawing, anything, can be addressed to Fook Madgic Press, 92 20th St, Menlow Park, Pretoria, South Africa."

On page 84 of Walter Battiss, Gentle Anarchist, there is a list of Publications by Walter Battiss. One of those listed is "Fook Nook 5. No date. Published by Walter Battiss". I believe this is a mis-interpretation of "Fook Nooks" as only two issues were published - 1 & 2. This reflects the same 'confusion' of Battiss sometimes whimsically signing his name "Batt155" for "Battiss".

A partially complete list of books by Walter Battiss appears on page 220 of Battiss edited by Karin Skawran & Michael Macnamara, Ad Donker, 1985. [This item is not listed].

See also CMD Item 17740.

See illustration of Wokkell and Hooby as 'Champion Fookballers' on page 15 of Fook Book 2. Hooby is Manie Eager. Wokkell is unidentified but in view of the Note below, would seem to be Barry Davidow. Wokkell appears as an author on Fook Nooks 1 and 2 and Hooby on Fook Nooks 2.

Note: The public edition was of 100 copies (of which we have #97) but there was also an edition of 5 copies for the participants. Included here is the copy belonging to Barry Davidow numbered 1/5. Although not marked as his copy, it was donated to us by Barry Davidow thus authenticating this.

Exhibition notes:
Exhibition: ‘Nations by Artists’, University of Toronto Art Centre, Canada. 8 February 2022 –2 April 2022.

Ref: SA/2439

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