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I-Ching for the 'African Renaissance'

Item date(s): 2006

André Venter

Size: 195mm
Technique: Commercial print on paper
Inscription: Inscribed and dated by the artist.

Type: Codex

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Nomadic Exploration Press
ISBN: 0-86970-648-9
Exhibition 2006

Additional notes:
A handmade leather bound copy in A4 format was given to then President Thabo Mbeki in 2006. A copy of this book was purchased by the Rare Book Collection and University Archives of the University of Johannesburg

Reference note:
Soft-cover codex to be read in the oriental tradition from 'back' to 'front'.

The work was originally exhibited as an installation consisting of an online digital production of pages accessible on a computer monitor, printed paper pages attached to a computer monitor accompanied by nine digital prints. (See: DP/10042)

In the book, Venter states: Fellow Africans. This simple object is offered in response to a call from one of us - an African - whose sincere concerns many of us share. His plea (in 1998) for an 'African Renaissance' resonated with me, as I am sure it did with many of you. From that time, until now, I have thought about many possible responses that could in some ways address the concerns expressed in his statements. I believe that it is possible to offer one small seed that may, or may not, contribute to such change. Please accept this gift as an outcome of my sincere efforts in this regard. I am painfully aware of my limitations to make any contribution whatsoever to real transformation. My many others come and do better. If this object fails to assist in the birth process of such a great ideal, please accept my sincere apology. But if one person finds transformational power in it and applies this power in their personal or public life, it was worth the effort. Like others before me - who have wished it possible to remain nameless when speaking of matters far beyond their personal capacity or direct influence - I too wish to be known only as a person behind a mask ....

Exhibition notes:
This book was developed from the concept version exhibited at 'Navigating the Bookscape: Artists' Books and the Digital Interface'.

Aardklop Arts Festival, Potchefstroom.

25th - 30th October 2006 and the

FADA Gallery, University of Johannesburg.

5th - 13 October 2006

Ref: DP/10041

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