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Item date(s): n.d.

Asha Zero

Pages: unpaged
Size: 144mm

Place publication: n. p.
Publisher: Artists Book

Additional notes:
Several unpaged two-signature cardboard-covered books:

1. Bringint back the high five in three easy steps.

2. A Potato's Secret Wish.

3. A winner in Hawaii.

4. Zoltron X Strikes.

5. Trench Jello.

6. My first roadkillvisiontoiletries fun and activities book. (almost blank book). White innter pages.

7. Say Never. (4 signatures).

8. The Adventures of Palinki and Broop Nook.

9. Hold Love Inverted in the Constructed Sky.

10. Thesunsetandvendingmachine.

11.Hey! Whatsnibble?

12. Pet Names in Reverse.

Ref: GB/09900

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