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i-Jusi #13

Item date(s): March 2000

Wilhelm Krüger
Karen de Villiers
Peter Hudson
Brode Vosloo
Brand Botes
Scott Robinson  - (poster)
Mark Kannemeyer
Conrad Botes
Anton Kannemeyer
John Murray
Joe Dog
Anton Kannemeyer  - (edited by)
Joe Dog  - (pseudonym)
Conrad Botes  - (edited by)
Konradski  - (pseudonym)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 422mm

Place publication: Durban and Cape Town, RSA
Publisher: Orange Juice Design
Number 13

Additional notes:
Komix that lay bare all the passions of a modern woman's heart.

Inside front cover shows all issues of Bitterkomix to date - up to #10.

Containing the "Wrestling" poster by Scott Robertson loose in the centre.

Ref: GB/1000

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