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Grosslys / Gross List

Item date(s): 2002

Phil Andros

Pages: unpaged
Size: 590mm
Inscription: Signed by the artists.

Place publication: n.p.
Publisher: Artists Book

Additional notes:
Colophon: "Source/bron: LOVE, Brenda. 1995. The encyclopedia of unusual sex practices. London. Abacus. [first published in the USA by Barricade Books in 1992]."

Collaged cards contained in a hinged metal container closing like a codex. The cards flip over to reveal the hidden text. The bottom 5mm edges of the cards form two illustrations when closed.

Extremely explicit erotic content.

See larger but similar example illustrated at p45 of The Brett Kebble Art Awards (2004) catalogue.

Ref: GB/10128

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