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Uhanga Dihangara (Coat Hanger Print Portfolio)

Item date(s): March, 2001

Robbin Ami Silverberg  - (book artist)
Kim Berman  - (featured artist)
András Böröcz
Paul Emmanuel  - (featured artist)
Terence Fenn  - (featured artist)
Robert Hodgins  - (featured artist)
Osiah Masekoameng  - (featured artist)
Nhlanhla Mbatha  - (featured artist)
Paul Molete  - (featured artist)
Simon Mthinkhulu  - (featured artist)
Usha Prajapat  - (featured artist)
John Roome  - (featured artist)
Helen Mmakgabo Mmapula Sebidi  - (featured artist)
Durant Sihlali  - (featured artist)
Diane Victor  - (featured artist)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 430 x 240 x 160mm
Edition: #25/30

Type: Portfolio

Place publication: Brooklyn, NY & Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Dobbin Books & Artist Proof Studios

Additional notes:
Sixteen coat hangers each with decorated covering: the fifteen artists listed - one is a double hanger - and the colophon on a separate hanger.

Housed in a box made from handmade decorated paper by Robbin Silverberg (with hanger motifs both inside and out) with flaps opening at the top (with magnetic closure) and the end, allowing the easy removal of each hanger hanging from a copper bar fitted to the inside of the box.

This copy has an additional hanger made from a watercolour by Robert Hodgins which is signed and dated '01 in pencil.

Fifteen participating artists listed individually indicating the medium used.

Also catalogued in Humanaties CMD: Item 0480 and separately Items 1667-1682.

Exhibition notes:
Samplings: South African Artists' Books

Basement Gallery, WAM

26 March to 6 July 2019

Ref: GB/10174


Untitled (suicide)

Untitled (choices)
 Helen Mmakgabo Mmapula Sebidi (participating artist)

Untitled (abortion, alchoholism)
 Paul Molete (participating artist)

AIDS Memorial Wall (AIDS)
 Kim Berman (participating artist)
   Etching - drypoint

Untitled (crime in Johannesburg)
 Terence Fenn (participating artist)
   Mixed media.

Untitled (clothesline)
 Paul Emmanuel (participating artist)
   Inkjet on cotton.

Impediment (pediment frieze)
 Diane Victor (participating artist)
   Blind emboss, etching.

Untitled (closure materials)
 Usha Prajapat (participating artist)
   Blind emboss, found materials.

Untitled (hanging the slaughtered for the feast)
 Durant Sihlali (participating artist)
   Handmade paper.

Untitled (traditional vs. ethnic clothes)
 Osiah Masekoameng (participating artist)
   Hand-coloured lithograph.

We (love) Our Customers (duality)
 Robbin Ami Silverberg (participating artist)
   Abaca paper, hanger wire, tea.

Untitled (horizon line)
 Robert Hodgins (participating artist)
   Inkjet print of a watercolor on Dobbin Mill paper.

Untitled (flames from the emperor's old clothes)
 John Roome (participating artist)
   Burnt handmade paper

Zebra-crossing & High Wire (hanger humor)
 András Böröcz (participating artist)
   Polymer plate on Dobbin Mill paper.

Aram (Marihuana) / Sling / Roof (smuggling drugs / coathanger slingshots / house umuthi)
 Nhlanhla Mbatha (participating artist)
   Mixed media.

Untitled (Additional Hodgins print)
 Robert Hodgins

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