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Xerox Book

Item date(s): December 1968

Carl Andre  - (contributor)
Robert Barry  - (contributor)
Douglas Huebler  - (contributor)
Joseph Kosuth  - (contributor)
Sol LeWitt  - (contributor)
Robert Morris  - (contributor)
Lawrence Weiner  - (contributor)
Seth Siegelaub  - (published by)
John W. Wendler  - (published by)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 278mm
Edition: One of 1000 copies

Place publication: New York, NY
Publisher: Siegelaub/Wendler
Cat. 015 - MPM3
Exhibition 2017

Additional notes:
First edition.

Each artist has contributed 25 xeroxed pages in addition to the leading page with the artist's name..

The Robert Barry contribution is named "One Million Dots".

With white wrappers covered with glassine with the artists' surnames on the spine.

Housed in a black drop-back box.

Illustrated on page 163 of A Century of Artists Books by Riva Castleman. 1994.

Illustrated on page 173 of Fröhliche Wissenschaft - Das Archiv Sohm by Thomas Kellein. 1986.

Illustrated on page 36 of Livres d'Artistes by Anne Moeglin-Delcroix. 1985.

Illustrated on page 123 of Artist / Author: Contemporary Artists' Books by Cornelia Lauf and Clive Phillpot, 1998.

Illustrated on page 321 of The Century of Artists' Books by Johanna Drucker, 1995.

Illustrated on page 106 of The Book as a Work of Art by Giogio Maffei, 2006.

Illustrated on page 42 of Artists' Books by Suzanne Swarts; Caldic Collection, 2007.

Illustrated as item 96 in Modern + Contemporary Art, Ars Libri Ltd, Catalogue 142, 2008.

Illustrated as item 207 in Post-War Art. Simms Reed. 2011.

Illustrated on page 45 of rtist Books Multiples Prints. Sims Reed Ltd (2014?) Item 151.

Exhibition notes:
Item 015 - MPM3 on Booknesses: Artists' books from the Jack Ginsberg Collection.

UJ Art Gallery, University of Johannesburg

25 March to 5 May 2017

Ref: GB/10320

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