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Where is My Body

Item date(s): 2005

Marshall Weber  - (collaborator)
Laura Smith  - (collaborator)
Mark Wagner  - (collaborator)
Kurt Allerslev  - (collaborator)
Christopher K. Wilde  - (collaborator)
Organic, Inc  - (collaborator)

Pages: unpaged (16pp)
Size: 380 x 640mm

Place publication: Brooklyn, NY
Publisher: Artichoke Yink Press

Additional notes:
Red leather Japanese stab binding made from the words of the title.

Author: Organic, Inc. collaboration, Laura Smith, Mark Wagner, Marshall Weber, K.Allerslev and C.K.Wilde.

Edition: 12, variant, edition #’s 4-12 are combined into one book. [this is not true according to Marshall Weber - the book is unique]

Paper: Hannemuhle Heavy Weight

Media: monoprints, dye, ink, frottage, painting and printing by Laura Smith, Mark Wagner, Marshall Weber, Kurt Allerslev, and C.K.Wilde

Binding type: Japanese stab binding with letterforms by Mark Wagner

Calligraphy: Marshall Weber

Text: by Marshall Weber

Page Cutting: by Christopher Wilde

The large format of the book pulls the reader into the image field that poses a self-referential question to the reader, "Where Is My Body"? A question shared by the soldier crouching in the first page spread and by all the other characters embedded in the complex image field. The reader’s arms fly akimbo with the operation of page turning, and the panoramic view of the page spread spans past the readers field of vision; both actions catalyze the suggestion of being ‘lost’ in the image/text to the extent that the reader confuses their own body with that of the book. "Does the pointing finger dream?"

Ref: GB/10371

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