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Printing and the Mind of Man
A Descriptive Catalogue Illustrating the Impace ot Print on the Evolution of Western Civilization During Five Centuries

Item date(s): 1983

John Carter  - (edited by)
Percy H. Muir  - (edited by)
Denys Hay  - (essay by)
Nicolas Barker  - (assisted by)
H. A. Feisenberger  - (assisted by)
Howard Nixon  - (assisted by)
S. H. Steinberg  - (assisted by)

Pages: (xxv), xxxiv, 280pp
Size: 320mm

Sub-type: Printing

Place publication: München, Germany
Publisher: Karl Pressler
ISBN: 3980004732

Additional notes:
Second edition revised and enlarged. First published in 1967 by Cassell and Company.

Additional bibliographies by Peter Amelund, and a revised index.

Ref: GB/1073

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