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Early Auden

Item date(s): 1991

Richard Tuttle  - (book artist)
W. H. Auden  - (text by)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 312mm
Binding: Vellum cover boards. Wrap around white bristol paper with colour aquatints
Inscription: Signed by the artist.
Edition: #20/80

Type: Accordion fold

Place publication: San Francisco, CA
Publisher: Hine Editions, The Limestone Press

Additional notes:
Illustrated title-page (on final page) and ten accordion-folded panels of translucent paper wrapped around white Bristol paper containing colour aquatints by Richard Tuttle. Bound in vellum-covered boards in wrap-around paper slipcase.

Published at Limestone Press from copper plates by Karen Tossavainen. Type printed by Richard Urban. Edition of 80 on Watson handmade. Bound by Klaus Rotzcher.

A mint copy of what is possibly Tuttle's most beautiful book, which perhaps explains why it was chosen to be the cover illustration for the American Livre de Peintre exhibition at the Grolier Club. The Auden poems are set in panels which float on the aquatints. The book functions normally or can be opened up like a screen.

See: The American Livre de Peintre #52. Richard Tuttle, Field of Stars p134.

Illustrated in Field of Stars, A Book on the Books, 2002.

Ursus catalogue 278, Number 88.

Illustrated as item 88 in Ursus Books catalogue 261"Classics in Contemporary and Modern Art. n.d.

Illustrated on page 38 of Ursus catalogue 310. Modern & Contemporary Illustrated & Photography Books, n.d.

Illustrated as item 146 in Artists & Books 1900-Present. Ursus Books, New York, 2014.

Ref: GB/10966

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