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Item date(s): Juni 2006

Kerstin Hensel  - (text by)
Veronika Schäpers  - (book artist)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 280mm
Edition: #11/15

Place publication: Tokyo, Japan
Publisher: Veronika Schäpers
Exhibition 2022

Additional notes:
"Describing the act of giving the same birthday present every year, a collectible cup, Hensel’s poem provides a strong image of the unkind and often clueless treatment of the elder generation."

Reference note:
Frottage of lace papers on Ganpi paper in light green and pink, mounted together to a two-layered tablecloth. White linen cloth embroidered with the poem "Erbe" in silver-grey. Paper-wrapping in the shape of a Japanese Tatoushi (wrapping paper for kimono). Imprint on embroidered and printed labels. Size of tablecloth: 91 x 91cm. Size of linen: 60 x 80cm. Size of wrapped object: 27.5 x 25.5cm.

Das Multiple entstand zu der Ausstellung VERSTECKE im Neuen Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop in einer Auflage von 15 arabisch nummerierten Exemplaren.

Paper samples (72Fr)

Exhibition notes:
Creative Research: The Artists’ Books of Veronika Schäpers, Robbin Ami Silverberg and Julie Chen JBCBA, WAM

22 September to 15 December 2022

Ref: GB/11388

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