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Item date(s): 2007

Keith A. Smith
Philip (Phil) Zimmermann  - (photographs by)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 257mm, oblong
Edition: #19/20

Place publication: Rochester, NY
Publisher: Keith A. Smith Books
Book No. 253

Additional notes:
Colophon: FLAMES, Book Number 253 was made during the summer of 2007 from photographs by Philip Zimmermann and me taken at the Rhinebeck Custom Car show, May 2006. The backgrounds were removed. Landscapes of Highland Park in winter, spring and summer were added. Some cars were placed in Tucon, Arizona backgrounds. Flames were added to cars via PhotoShop. Font is Optima. The book is hand bound by the author.

Coptic binding with exposed spine.

Illustrated on page 235 of Masters: Book Arts, curated by Eileen Wallace, 2011.

Ref: GB/11625

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