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Item date(s): 1995

Philip (Phil) Zimmermann

Pages: unpaged
Size: 410mm
Inscription: Signed by the artist
Edition: #23/24

Place publication: Rhinebeck, NY
Publisher: Space Heater Editions

Additional notes:
Elektromagnetism is an artists' book response to William Gilberts' DE MAGNETE, the first treatise on electricity and magnetism, published in London in 1600. It was produced for a show entitled Science and the Artists' Book, produced jointly by The Smithsonian Institution Library and The Washington Project for the Arts, and which was exhibited in Washington DC between May of 1995 and May of 1996. The scientific principles discovered by Gilbert, of the loadstone and electromagnetism, are used as a metaphor for the mystery of personal attraction. Accordian fold.

The book has a display base made of two separate strips of oak with a groove to hold the endboards..

Togethr with the catalogue of the Smithsonian exhibition and a descriptive sheet.

Ref: GB/11757

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