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Item date(s): 2008

Susan Allix

Pages: unpaged
Size: 184mm
Inscription: Signed by the artist
Edition: Copy numbe F

Place publication: London
Publisher: Artists Book

Additional notes:
Irregularly shaped foredge. In red drop-back box with title on spine.

Type is Garamond Italic, printed on uneven handmade paper, with the title made by joining different lengths of printers’ brass rule - the word assembled from elements as the form of the flower is broken down into separate pieces. Text on RWS handmade paper; prints of the painting on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photo Rag. The color of the book is the intense scarlet, yellow and black of the tulip. He binding is of red silk over thin, irregularly shaped boards, with flashes of yellow seen in the lining of the spine and the doublures. The endpapers are black and white printed waxed paper, the flyleaves red mulberry paper. In a black, red and yellow box. Alllix writes: "Tulip records a time in the life of the flower when it is fully open, just before the petals fall. The moment was caught in a watercolour painting, and from that the book was made.

"The beauty and tragedy of the tulip’s life are expressed through the form and composition of the book. To the painting was added a poem. Then elements of the painting were printed and given additional dimensions through lino-cut, monotype and blind printing.

"The feeling of limitation given by the closed spine is offset by opening the back of the book, thus allowing a series of shaped pages."

Ref: GB/12841

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