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Eloff 111 Comix

Item date(s): 2004?

Johan de Lange
Michelle Dicke
Nicholas Nesbitt
Karen Botha
Michelle de Klerk

Pages: unpaged
Size: 410mm
Inscription: Signed by all participants
Edition: #9/21

Place publication: Johannesburg, RSA
Publisher: Jozi Comix

Additional notes:
Screenprinted. Manufactured in South Africa under the influence of Ilex in an old dentistry lab.

Endpages by Joe Dog & Lorcan White.

Ref: GB/13000


The Escape
 Johan de Lange (featured artist)

McDonald's Farm
 Michelle Dicke (featured artist)

Affirmative Action Figure
 Nicholas Nesbitt (featured artist)

 Karen Botha (featured artist)

Fatal Attraction
 Michelle de Klerk (featured artist)

 Lorcan White (featured artist)
 Joe Dog (featured artist)

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