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Fire Walker

Item date(s): 2011

William Kentridge  - (title)
Gerhard Marx  - (title)
Oliver Barstow  - (edited and designed by)
Bronwyn Law-Viljoen  - (edited with an introduction by)

Binding: Box 452 x 357mm
Inscription: Signed by the artists.
Edition: #27/40.

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: Fourthwall Books
ISBN: 978-0-9869850-1-0

Additional notes:
The book (which is the regular edition) is contained in a half-slipcase in red which is laid into a wooden box with a steel cut-out of the Fire Walker inset into the cover. The box also contains a print by Gerard Marx titled Foot Map and another by William Kentridge titled Goldmann's South African Mining and Finance, each in a gray wrapper and both numbered 27/40.

The box is also numbered 27/40.

Ref: GB/13014


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