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The Organik Book

Item date(s): 2010

Allyson Melberg
Lewis Koch
Eliana Perez
Sara Parkel
Kurt Allerslev
Laura Smith
Christopher K. Wilde
Mark Wagner
Marshall Weber

Pages: unpaged
Size: 290mm
Edition: #9/20

Place publication: San Francisco, CA
Publisher: DanaDanaDana Editions

Additional notes:
The ORGANIK Book (#1) features tet and image and performance selections from over ten years of the collaboration's life. Using the same spontaneous and aleatory structure found in most of ORGANIK's unique books, drawings and performances, the book offers an organic, palimpsestual glimpse into the life of the collaborative.

Featuring Organik and friends.

Ink jet printed on Moab Entrada paper using Epson pigment based inks with a hand sen binding by Dana Smith. All materials in this book are of archival quality.

Ref: GB/13101

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