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Unnoticed Collections
Green Objects

Item date(s): (2011)

Annesas Appel

Pages: unpaged
Size: 420 x 305 x58mm

Publisher: Artists Book

Additional notes:
The artist started the project Unnoticed Collections in which some possible collections in her private house became subject to her observations, research and archiving. This publication focuses on green object, mapped and arranged in a personal six-sided approach. All green objects in her house have been subject to her steady decoding and recording, consecutively published in a set of 2 books and 3 series of prints.

Green drop-back box with title on cover containing:

Single card with list.

Book: unroll.

Book: classify

Folder: diagram (with four prints)

Book: dismantle

Folder: overview (with five prints)

Ref: GB/13148

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