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Miniatures from the Bible by Metavel

Item date(s): 1990

Ido Agassi  - (book artist)
Renne Koppel (Metavel)  - (illustrated by)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 60mm

Sub-type: Miniature books

Place publication: Israel
Publisher: Artists Book

Additional notes:
Eight miniature books, hand-bound in linen cloth, in a small box, 60 x 72 x 56mm.

1. Noah (English)

2. Psalm 96 (English).

3. Jotham's Fable (English).

4. Abraham and the three angels (Hebrew)

5. Yona (Hebrew)

6. Eve - Genesis Chapters 2, 3 (English)

7. The Miracles Fan shaped accordion (Hebrew)

8. Colophon booklet.

Reading from right to left, the colophon would be number 1.

Ref: GB/13841

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