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march 29, 1912. Robert F. Scott
It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more.

Item date(s): 2012

Veronika Schäpers
Robert F. Scott  - (title)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 520mm
Inscription: Signed by the artist
Edition: Unique

Place publication: Berlin, Germany
Publisher: Artists Book
Exhibition 2022

Additional notes:
The book contains one sentence.

This was the last entry (dated from 29 March 1912) in Robert F. Scott's diary. After he reached the South Pole on 17 January (shere he discovered that Amundsen has already been there), he and his desperate fellows had to return to their base camp. Badly equipped and exhausted they made their way back but had to face bad snowstorms. All five of them died on the way. Scott's diary was later found and is today in the collection of the British Museum.

The book is almost an object: the remains of a block of frozen snow. The punched out sentence dissolves towards its end; if you know about it, you can recognise it even when the silicon cover is closed.

I took all entries of Scott's diary between 17th January and 29th March, laid them out in the size of the cover and punched holes where he mde a point in his diary. In these punched holes I inserted the Silicon-tubes.

Size: 50 x 12cm, consisting of twelve punched and scratched sheets of PVC covered by two sheets of 1mm silicon with inserted silicon tubes. The case is half-transparent white Acrylic-glass.

Exhibition notes:
Creative Research: The Artists’ Books of Veronika Schäpers, Robbin Ami Silverberg and Julie Chen JBCBA, WAM

22 September to 15 December 2022

Ref: GB/13844

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