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Item date(s): September 2013

Veronika Schäpers  - (book artist)
Hans Magnus Enzensberger  - (text by)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 370mm, oblong
Inscription: Signed by both artists.
Edition: #12/21

Place publication: Berlin / Munster, Germany
Publisher: Artists Book
Exhibition 2022

Additional notes:
"Inspired by 40-year-old Japanese senkashi paper showing 'natural drawings' in subtle colors resulting from aging and water damage, Hans Magnus Enzensberger wrote the text 'System'."

Reference note:
First paragraph: Auf den ersten Blicktadellos. Wir sind Weltmarktführer. Alles pünktlich, alles an seinem Platz. Wir dulden hierkeinen Mischmasch, kein Durchein-ander, keinen Schlamassel, keinen Wirrwarr und keine Schlamperei.

Six printed text pages interleaved with five handmade unprinted sheets. All within a folder in a wooden box with lid, on which the title is printed.

Der Text wurde von Polymerklischees auf neuem Senkashi gedruckt, die >>Wasserzeichnungen<< sind Schäden auf 40 Jahre altem Senkashi.

This edition consists of 21 numbered Arabic and 3 Roman copies.



At first glance: flawless. We are the global market leader. Everything is punctual, everything in its place.

We don’t tolerate any mishmash here - no confusion, no snafus, no muddles and no sloppiness.

Still, someone is always claiming that something - deep inside - is flaking off, pilling and blistering.

Here and there, it’s said, small, inconspicuous hairline cracks have turned up. In some places, it’s said, rust is thriving. Garbage is spreading all over, in the hardware and software alike. Everywhere, something is mildewing, radiating, gnawing, and eroding, is allegedly trickling, seeping, and flowing. Everywhere, it’s said, things are fermenting, stinking of decay.

We immediately convened a commission and agreed to a no-holds-barred investigation. But what for? say our experts. It’s scheduled material fatigue, that’s all. Otherwise, they say, everything is running smoothly, no components are failing here, everything is in order. No worries! Slap a little paint on it, a spray, an update. It can be caulked, shored up, waterproofed, sealed.

That will make it even nicer, they say. And so far, at least, they have been right.

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Exhibition notes:
Creative Research: The Artists’ Books of Veronika Schäpers, Robbin Ami Silverberg and Julie Chen JBCBA, WAM

22 September to 15 December 2022

Ref: GB/14187

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