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180° encyclopaedia

Item date(s): 2007

Laurence Aëgerter  - (book artist)

Pages: 1657pp
Size: 236mm

Place publication: n. p.
Publisher: Imprimeries Herissey, Jombart, du Belier et le Jaguar

Additional notes:
In a facsimile of a French encyclopaedia (Petit Larousse en couleurs, 1980), 200 photos of landscapes and monuments from all over the world are replaced by photographs taken at exactly the same locations, but shot in the opposite direction (180°) from where the original images were taken.

Title page: 71,000 articles, 5150 illustrations, 245 cartes et 167 photographies a 180 degrés.

Cet ouvrage a ete imprime sur les presses des Imprimeries Herissey, Jombart, du Belier et le Jaguar.

Ref: GB/14391

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