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Item date(s): 2015

Hanneke Benadé  - (featured artist)
Conrad Botes  - (featured artist)
Elza Botha  - (featured artist)
Mandy Conidaris  - (featured artist)
Karin Daymond  - (featured artist)
Sheila Flynn  - (featured artist)
Jared Ginsburg  - (featured artist)
Jill Graham  - (featured artist)
Gabrielle Guy  - (featured artist)
Daniel Hewson  - (featured artist)
Erica Hibbert  - (featured artist)
Elaine Kehew  - (featured artist)
William Kentridge  - (featured artist)
Eugenie Marais  - (featured artist)
Colbert Mashile  - (featured artist)
Tamar Mason  - (featured artist)
Kagiso Pat Mautloa  - (featured artist)
Luan Nel  - (featured artist)
Christian Nerf  - (featured artist)
Francis Njoroge  - (featured artist)
Fiona Pole  - (featured artist)
Anne Rowlinson  - (featured artist)
Joachim Schönfeldt  - (featured artist)
Claudette Schreuders  - (featured artist)
Kathryn Smith  - (featured artist)
Lee Turner  - (featured artist)
Strijdom van der Merwe  - (featured artist)
Morné Visagie  - (featured artist)
Mark Attwood  - (co-ordinated by)
Joachim Schönfeldt  - (co-ordinated by)
Robert Weinek  - (co-ordinated by)
Mark Attwood  - (edited by)
Tamar Mason  - (edited by)
Phumla Mabuza  - (bookbinding by)
Jacky Tsila  - (bookbinding by)

Pages: 28 prints
Size: 270mm
Collation: 28 loose sheets
Binding: Clamshell/solander box - white
Technique: Various print techniques
Inscription: Signed by all participants
Edition: #1/101

Type: Codex

Place publication: White River, RSA
Publisher: The Artists' Press
Cat. 257-C7 ZA
Exhibition 2017

Additional notes:
GIF is a collaborative project dedicated to the publishing of visual art.

All works contained in GIF are original artworks, signed and numbered from 1 to 101.

proceeds from GIF will be used to fund visual art projects.

Housed in a white box with the title and edition on the lid.

Reference note:
#3 in the series. 28 prints tipped in. Hand sewn and bound and housed in a card box.

Colophon: Printed in a limited edition of 101 books by The Artists' Press.

Typography and letterpress printing by Mark Attwood.

Hand bound by Jacky Tsila and Phumla Mabuza at The Artists' Press.

Artworks are original works created by the respective artists, and are mounted in the book using acid-free hinges.

Participating artists can be contacted through The Artists' Press:

Copyright is retained by the respective artists.

Exhibition notes:
Item 0257 - C7 ZA Booknesses: Artists' books from the Jack Ginsberg Collection.

UJ Art Gallery, University of Johannesburg

25 March to 5 May 2017

Ref: GB/14983

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