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Wanderings in Various Bazaars

Item date(s): 2013

Susan Allix  - (book artist)
Sarojini Naidu  - (poem by)

Pages: 86pp
Size: 580mm
Inscription: Signed by the artist
Edition: #4/14

Place publication: London
Publisher: Artists Book

Additional notes:
Bazaar. Wanderings in Various Bazaars accompanied by Prints.. 86p. 22" x 16.25".

Printed letterpress in Optima - Roman and Italic - with titles in 36 point Roman Open, on 200gsm. Zerkall paper using colours that integrate with the prints. These use intaglio processes such as etching, aquatint, drypoint, carborundum, and surface roll with hand colouring. Of the eight images, one is a lino cut and the large letters of the title page have also been cut in lino. The prints are complicated, using multiple colours and separate plates, often inked ‘a la poupee’ with further hand work in watercolour and acrylic. The paper for the prints is J. Green 310gsm. mould made, bought from the mill before it closed many years ago.

Each of the eight openings is enclosed in a sheet of hand made paper that extends beyond the edges of the printed pages, acting as a frame to accentuate the colour and atmosphere of the spread. Most of these papers have been made especially for this book in the paper-making town of Sanganer in India. Their brightness, pattern and shine help to create, in their close proximity to one another, something of the confusion and exhilaration felt in a crowded bazaar.

The whole is enclosed in a binding of silk, leather and painted paper over boards, with endpapers and doublures of hand made paper. The spine is leather with the silks and paper arranged on the boards, and the ‘floating’ headband is made to accommodate the variations in pages. The title is lettered in wide spacing in coloured foils on the front board. Each book is different in colour and design, and is enclosed in a dark blue cloth box.

Included in the book is an edited poem by Sarojini Naidu, a writer who lived in Hyderabad in the early 20th century and loved its bazaars.

"Bazaar is a book large in format, noisy in colour, and crowded with textures and patterns. It contains a collection of observations on the experiences of visiting these chaotic, vibrant and expressive places, together with a series of eight original prints.

"The wanderings are set out in sections devoted to different subjects, among which are food and flowers, spices, personalities and a section on temple memorabilia. There are crabs with electric blue legs in Alexandria, spare teeth in Marrakesh, marigolds in Mysore, woven beds in Jaipur and cheroot-smoking ladies somewhere near Pindaya in Burma.

"The words and images are taken from writings and drawings and photographs made in the various locations.

Ref: GB/15001

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