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No Dice
Poems and monotypes

Item date(s): 1972

Wopko Jensma

Pages: 22pp
Size: 560 x 760mm
Inscription: Signed by the artist
Edition: Unique

Place publication: Johannesburg
Publisher: The artist

Additional notes:
Contained in a hand lettered folder.

Title page with Monoprint; Ten monoprints, each paired with a poem.



Sometime Next Time

Some Lone Soul

Let's Spit


Sing a Soul of Sixpence

You Say Sing and we Scream

Song of Innocence

Song of Agony

Confidentially Yours

Exhibition notes:
Samplings: South African Artists' Books

Basement Gallery, WAM

26 March to 6 July 2019

Ref: GB/15682

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