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Weisse Verben

Item date(s): 2018

Durs Grünbein
Veronika Schäpers  - (book artist)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 410mm

Place publication: Karlsruhe, Germany
Publisher: Veronika Schäpers
Exhibition 2022

Additional notes:
email on 12/1/2018:

I am just finishing a new project which will be photographed next Monday but I can send you some rough images today. The centerpiece is a poem by Durs Grünbein which he wrote after having seen the white square by Malevic for the first time.

He had very high expectations seeing this iconic painting but was disappointed when facing the original. It is a hundred years old and of course you notice this as well as perception of abstract art which has changed since.

His poem is called the 'white verbs', which deals with his disappointment and he lists a series of 'white verbs' which all describe processes of dissolving or vanishing.

The poem is visible as a watermark in a handmade paper, a second sheet contains a colorful transcription of the poem by Eva Maria Bolz. She is a Synaesthetic and sees every letter in a different color.

The watermark and the synaesthetical transcription are covered by pages with parts of Malewic’s manifest. On one side a manifest on the 'Artist' and on the other side about 'contemporary art'. Both are printed negative in white color on transparent paper.

The cover is printed with a stripe-camouflage pattern (rain) from the 30’s, which also gave me the idea for the typography.

The book has no front or back, you can open it from both sides which look identical.

The book is contained in a Perspex slipcase which slides in from both sides of the book and shows the title and author on each part.

See also: Additional Material at Veronika Schaepers Ephemera: GB/15871. Paper samples 72Fr

Exhibition notes:
Creative Research: The Artists’ Books of Veronika Schäpers, Robbin Ami Silverberg and Julie Chen JBCBA, WAM

22 September to 15 December 2022

Ref: GB/15701

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