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Printexchange '98

Item date(s): September 1988

Samkelo Bunu  - (featured artist)
Lindy Wright  - (featured artist)
Jennifer Schaum  - (featured artist)
Tinus Boshoff  - (featured artist)
Anel du Toit  - (featured artist)
Jean-Annette Rossouw  - (featured artist)
Penny George  - (featured artist)
Martin van Aardt  - (featured artist)
Karen van Niekerk  - (featured artist)
Frederick Yssel  - (featured artist)
Thembinkosi Gonowe  - (featured artist)
Sarah Pratt  - (featured artist)
Lyndi Sales  - (featured artist)
Julia Clark  - (featured artist)
Le-Ana Stoffeberg  - (featured artist)
Angie Banks  - (featured artist)
Diane Victor  - (featured artist)
Christiaan (Chris) Diedericks  - (featured artist)
Helen Weldrick  - (featured artist)
Carol Page  - (featured artist)
Esther Simmons  - (featured artist)
Mandy Conidaris  - (featured artist)
Andre le Roux  - (featured artist)
Marelize Tarr  - (featured artist)
Ben Bothma  - (featured artist)
Jaco Spies  - (featured artist)
Bronwyn Marshall  - (featured artist)
Sipho Mdanda  - (featured artist)
John Moore  - (featured artist)
Mandy Coppes  - (featured artist)
Rodney Hopley  - (featured artist)
Joseph Dial  - (featured artist)
Subusiso Maseko  - (featured artist)
Ian Marley  - (featured artist)
Nhlanhla Nsusha  - (featured artist)
Asiva Swaley  - (featured artist)
Bronwen Findlay  - (featured artist)
Niven Anghar  - (featured artist)
Irene Goddard  - (featured artist)
Thando Mama  - (featured artist)
Nianbulo Mtshali  - (featured artist)
Ray Allard  - (featured artist)
Amanda Snyman  - (featured artist)
Ethna Frankenfeld  - (featured artist)
Johann Wessels  - (featured artist)
Lizelle van der Bergh  - (featured artist)
Amanda MacFarlane  - (featured artist)
Dominic Thorburn  - (co-ordinated by)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 410mm
Edition: #41/60

Place publication: Grahamstown, RSA
Publisher: Rhodes University School of Fine Art.

Additional notes:
PRINTEXCHANGE '98 is an exchange portfolio between twelve tertiary institutions. The collaboration was co-ordinated by Dominic Thorburn for New Ground - Common Ground, The First South African Printmaking Conference, hosted by the Graphic Art Section and Fine Line Press & Print Research Unit, Rhodes University School of Fine Art.

A cloth-bound portfolio comprising 47 prints,

The portfolio limited to 60 copies, with each print signed, variously dated and titled in pencil in the margin.

Ref: GB/16118

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