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Print Exchange '95

Item date(s): 1995

Jan Jordaan  - (featured artist)
John Roome  - (featured artist)
Marlene Wasserman  - (featured artist)
Stephen Buys  - (featured artist)
Monique Holms  - (featured artist)
Benedict Winter  - (featured artist)
Rodney Hopley  - (featured artist)
Christiaan (Chris) Diedericks  - (featured artist)
Annelise Marais  - (featured artist)
Michael Urbasch  - (featured artist)
Tim Foulds  - (featured artist)
Kim Berman  - (featured artist)
Moleleki Frank Ledimo  - (featured artist)
Philippa Hobbs  - (featured artist)
Sheila Flynn  - (featured artist)
John Moore  - (featured artist)
Carole Hofmeyer  - (featured artist)
Diane Victor  - (featured artist)
Erna Bodenstein Ferreira  - (featured artist)
Margaret Gradwell  - (featured artist)
Lize Geyer  - (featured artist)
Sunette Holmes-Lowe  - (featured artist)
Christine Dixie  - (featured artist)
Dominic Thorburn  - (featured artist)
Warren Ralls  - (featured artist)
Giselle Baillie  - (featured artist)
Richard Kilpert  - (featured artist)
Breyten Breytenbach  - (featured artist)
Ian Marley  - (featured artist)
Lana Fassen  - (featured artist)
Tinus Boshoff  - (featured artist)
Carina Minaar  - (featured artist)
Helicia van Staden  - (featured artist)
Eezet Parker  - (featured artist)
Jinny Heath  - (featured artist)
Isabella Quattrocchi  - (featured artist)
Ian Calder  - (featured artist)
Derryn Schulze  - (featured artist)
John Morley  - (featured artist)
Jean Brundrit  - (featured artist)
Sharon Harvey  - (featured artist)
Hema Galal Newton  - (featured artist)
Paola Rieman  - (featured artist)
Pookya Gardee  - (featured artist)
Maureen de Jager  - (featured artist)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 442mm
Edition: #8/54

Publisher: See notes

Additional notes:
A wrap-around cloth-bound portfolio comprising 45 prints.

This portfolio numbered 8/54, this edition variously numbered with each print signed, variously titled and dated in pencil in the margin.

Portfolio measures: 44 by 31,5 by 3,5cm

Including a letter from Jan Jordaan with a list of participants.

This portfolio is the result of a collaboration project between staff and students representing printmaking departments from various participating institutions: Vaaldriehoekse Technikon, University of Witwatersrand, Technikon Witwatersrand, Technikon Natal, Pretoria University, Rhodes University, Technikon O.F.S, and University of Natal.

Ref: GB/16119

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