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Address / Redress Print Collection '99

Item date(s): 1999

Tinus Boshoff  - (featured artist)
Penny George  - (featured artist)
Ian Marley  - (featured artist)
Rodney Hopley  - (featured artist)
Annelize Bowker-Marais  - (featured artist)
Avitha Sooful  - (featured artist)
Jean-Annette Rossouw  - (featured artist)
Helitia Delport  - (featured artist)
Ben Botma  - (featured artist)
Marelize Tarr  - (featured artist)
Jaco Spies  - (featured artist)
Sarita Slabbert  - (featured artist)
John Roome  - (featured artist)
Jan Jordaan  - (featured artist)
Dominic Thorburn  - (featured artist)
Amanda MacFarlane  - (featured artist)
Lisa van Wyk  - (featured artist)
Sandile Goje  - (featured artist)
Edith Bukani  - (featured artist)
Richard Kilpert  - (featured artist)
Ethna Frankenfeld  - (featured artist)
Annette Pretorius  - (featured artist)
Diane Victor  - (featured artist)
Erna Bodenstein  - (featured artist)
Christiaan (Chris) Diedericks  - (featured artist)
Dirk Meerkotter  - (featured artist)
Fritha Langerman  - (featured artist)
Alma Vorster  - (featured artist)
Eunice Geustyn  - (featured artist)
Kim Berman  - (featured artist)
Manqoba Xaba  - (featured artist)
John Moore  - (featured artist)
Lana Faasen  - (featured artist)
Sipho Mdanda  - (featured artist)
Osiah Masekoameng  - (featured artist)
Michelle de Beer  - (featured artist)
Carina Marley  - (featured artist)
Giselle Baillie  - (featured artist)

Pages: unpaged
Size: 450mm
Edition: #36/50

Place publication: Bloemfontein, RSA
Publisher: Oliewenhuis Art Museum

Additional notes:
A portfolio box comprising 38 prints.

The portfolio limited to 50 copies, this edition numbered 36/50 with each print signed, variously titled and dated in pencil in the margin.

portfolio measures: 45 by 32,5 by 3,5cm

Address Redress Print Collection '99 is an exchange portfolio between eight Galleries/Museums. The collection was co-ordinated by Penny George, educational officer, Oliewenhuis Art Museum and Tinus Boshoff, printmaker and ceramist from the Technikon Free State. This represents the first South African exchange of prints involving artists, Museums and Galleries presented by Oliewenhuis Art Museum.

Ref: GB/16120

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